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Sonics vs Knicks Game thread

For a solid look inside this matchup read Kevin Pelton's article from

It's always interesting when a guy faces their hometown team or thier former team and today's game marks the second of these occasions this season for Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson and Jerome James. Crawford torched the Sonics in the second half of the first meeting of the season.

In the last three games David Lee has been starting at Small Forward for Quentin Richardson while he recovers from injuries. This should be a matchup than Rashard Lewis can expliot, which would be a plus for the Sonics as Lee has put back to back solid games together.

Isiah Thomas took a lot of heat when he drafted Channing Frye and even more when he commented that he would have taken him with the first pick if he'd had it. Frye's shown the skeptics to be wrong so far and put together a solid rookie season. Between him and Curry this should be a nice test for Johan Petro and Robert Swift.

Enjoy 10 AM basketball folks, it only happens 4 times a year. Post your thoughts on todays game here.