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Sonics Vs. Sixers Game Thread

Use this thread for pre-game and in-game observations.

Philly seems to be slightly improved under Mo Cheeks if a little inconsistent on the defensive end of the floor. Philly is much tougher at home than on the road so Seattle has their work cut out for them after two hard fought losses on this East Coast road trip.

Allen Iverson remains one of the game's premier scorers and the Sonics have had difficulty checking him in the past. Perhaps Bob Hill should trot out Flip Murray as a starter and see who can get to 40 shots first. Just kidding, Iverson is actually averaging 7.5 assists a game this season in addition to nearly 33 points per game.

For much better pregame reading than mine check out Kevin Pelton's awesome ongoing series of Insider Previews at the Sonics website.