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Game Thread: Sonics VS Blazers

Sonics put their undefeated season to the test tonight and it comes none too soon for my taste.

Loyal readers and all of my critics will know that I am the eternal optimist when it comes to this team. That being said even I am growing weary of all the praise heaped upon the team over the last couple of weeks. Seriously, has anyone performed poorly in this camp? The list of overachievers by my count would include Luke Ridnour, Earl Watson, Mike Wilkes, Milt Palacio, Ray Allen, Damien Wilkens, Desmond Farmar, Mickael Gelabale, Rashard Lewis, Nick Collison, Chris Wilcox, Danny Fortson, Robert Swift, Johan Petro, and Mo Sene.

Did I miss anybody? I feel sorry for poor Kenny Adaleke who seems to be the only guy not getting love from the franchise.

Needless to say October is a month for optimism in the NBA and as much as I love drinking that water it is starting to get a little old. In an odd way I cannot wait for a player to bust out with a great 1 for 12 shooting night or 6 fouls in 2 minutes and 35 seconds tonight. Nothing will generate interest faster than some good old controversy. As we prepare for it I want to throw out the standard disclaimer:


That said I hope that we win this game. I know that preseason record doesn’t mean squat but I always feel like teams devalue the chance to set a winning tone both with their roster and with the fans. It seems silly but a 7-1 preseason record would get fans excited whether the games mattered or not.

Lets call this a game thread.