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Daily Roundup 10.13.06

Cue creepy sound effect.

Woo ha ha ha ha !

It's Friday the 13th. I'm feeling a bit hung over, I haven't had any coffee yet which is a dangerous proposition, and I didn't even get to see or hear any of the game last night.

Call me Kevin Costner cuz I'm mailing it in today.

So ... looks like Nick had a good game, the young centers didn't for the most part, and we barely lost on the road to a Kobe-less Lakers squad.

Well, we'll always have schadenfreude.

And by that I mean I'm glad the Supes didn't sign Vladi ChuckAThreeOvic to a new contract.

Denham Brown looks like he's making a case to stick as well. Every time I turn around the guy has scored 8-10 points in 20 minutes again.

Props to Robert "Bacardi" Swift on another good rebounding game. Now if we can just get the offense rolling it's Big Red all over again.

In other NBA news, Dallas extends Avery Johnson's contract, ensuring that at least I'll get a laugh out of listening to his post game interviews for the next couple of years. Nah, seriously, I like Avery, he's cool. Just funny to hear him talk.

Don't f*** with David Stern.

Still, it has players on edge for the second straight preseason. Last October, it was over the newly imposed dress code. This time, it's over the belief that they no longer have the freedom to have discussions with officials, as has been the team captain's right.

"The people that get the techs are emotional people. Do we cross the line sometimes? We walk it. ... If you want to fine the individual person, that's what it is," Wolves star Kevin Garnett said after Wednesday's game.

"To the fact that you can't really speak to the refs, the refs don't want to hear it. That's almost like Communism. That's like Castro."

The day I regard Kevin Garnett as anything approaching an expert on life in Cuba or geopolitical systems of government will be the day Satan shoots ice cold margaritas from his rosy red rectum.

I'm a fan, and even I get sick of watching guys whine about calls. Now with that being said I would like to ask David Stern what they are doing about tracking and rating the officiating in the league because many times it's abominable, and perhaps if some of the referees out there were actually capable of doing their jobs (Violet Palmer, I'm looking at you) there wouldn't be as much whining. Enough. Let's move on.

Heeeeeeere's Frankie!

Earl Watson started in Ridnour’s place, but he looked out of place. He had nine points and four assists, but he also had three turnovers and the offense did not flow as smoothly.

Hill essentially said that he is more comfortable with Ridnour as the starter.

“I think that if Earl became our starting point guard, he would have to temper the way he plays a little bit,” Hill said. “And the way he plays, he is such a tough cover, I don’t know if I want to do that.”

Update: Luke Jackson has been traded to the Boston Celtics for Dwayne Jones in case anyone cares. Before the question even gets thrown out there, we didn't have a package that Cleveland would have wanted for him anyways.