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Daily Roundup 10.16.06




Lots o' stuff on the main site.

Meet the new owners.

Whoops. Just checking to see if you were paying attention.

New Ownership Group

Which Gary Washburn follows up on here.

"We at this juncture believe it's best to keep the group small and focused," Bennett said.

"It's a group that knows each other and works well together. We think it's an effective structure. That's not saying in the future we won't consider a number of variations of that."

I'm totally cool with that. I've never been a fan of large ownership groups in any sport...the whole too many cooks in the kitchen theory.

Sam Perkins chats...

Talk about tough choices ...

Nick and Kirk get love from the hometown crowd. You should read this story ... he got great quotes all the way around.

Both players received an ear-piercing ovation when they were introduced before the game. Kansas officials even prepared a highlight video commemorating the twosome’s time in Lawrence. It was played during a first-half timeout.

Also some interesting notes on Kareem Rush.

Bob Hill tears three new ones.

It has gotten so bad that Hill needed to address the trio during halftime. He said the sternly worded message was directed at all of the reserves, but a team source said later that he was speaking directly to the centers.

"I told them at halftime that if it doesn't get better, I'll play eight guys," Hill said. "I'm seeing improvement [from the centers], but I had to get on them pretty hard at halftime.

"The thing they have to realize is that last year I gave them an opportunity. This year, there's a whole different set of expectations that they have to adhere to."

Last year Bacardi and Cola were basically giving double digit production between the two of them, and for the Sonics to get back to the playoffs they're going to need to improve upon that showing. Good to emphasize that now before the games start counting.

Against Chicago, Johan Petro, Robert Swift and Mouhamed Sene combined for 11 points, nine rebounds and six turnovers.

Not gonna cut it.

And a bonanza of Frank Hughes to end with.

Clay Bennett, wealthier than Clay Aiken but 25% more likable

Bennett said things are progressing in the quest for a new arena, and he expects to have a proposition in place for the state Legislature to review before its session begins in January.

“I think with respect to the process, this is such a significant proposition that it needs to be considered before the session begins,” Bennett said.

The recent sale of a key site in Bellevue has no bearing; it still is being considered a potential site for an arena, he indicated.

And in an announcement that apparently only Frank heard and that is sure to generate conversation, Luke Ridnour has been named the starter.

I find this story kind of dickish of Frank and don't mind telling him so -- this story smacks of typical Hughes-ish, "Hey did you hear what Coach told so-and-so" in an effort to get a scoop out there....I think everyone knew Luke was going to start and Earl was going to back him up, why be a sh*t starter Frank? Slow news day?

When the Sonics arrived at their hotel Saturday night, Kansas City native Earl Watson had prepared for a meal of local barbecue to be delivered so the team could have dinner together.

“It was a very nice evening, a very nice gesture on Earl’s part,” Hill said.

KC style 'Q is a bit sweet for me ... there are few 'Q joints in Seattle that I like, being an aficionado of West Texas-style brisket and pulled pork ... here's one, here's another. If you know of more let me know. I spent an entire 4 day weekend in Memphis once and managed not to eat a single green vegetable. I think the only non meat product I consumed other than BBQ sauce was cornbread.