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Daily Roundup 10.17.06

Busybusybusybusybusybusy this morning!

Don't forget to attend the open practice at Hazen High School in Renton tonight ... Apparently things get underway at 6:30!

Ray Allen, consummate professional.

"I didn't get a feel for him until the season started," says Hill. "Then he really defined himself late. He's in the top two or three of the best professional players I've ever coached."

Given that Hill has coached future Hall of Famers like Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, Shaquille O'Neal and David Robinson, as well as leaders like Avery Johnson, that qualifies as high praise.

From what I saw in Space Jam and Kazaam I'd say he's probably the best actor out of that group too.

Finally, a Jelly Belly column! Guess that one's for you Shawn!

Color Chris Wilcox impressed:

"And Gelabale, is that how you pronounce it? He can run the floor," Sonics forward Chris Wilcox said. "He is impressive with all of the things he can do."

Point guard blurb: Hill wouldn't make it official, but it appears Luke Ridnour will start opening night Nov. 1 against Portland. Ridnour has had a solid camp, doing nothing to lose the job to Earl Watson, who remains erratic from the perimeter.

"I stopped playing into that all along realizing there was no point to it," Watson said. "Talking to him over the summer, I got a sense he was going in that direction (Ridnour) anyway. I would tell by the way we talked (I was coming off the bench). It was nothing new."

Check out the latest additions to the 40th Anniversary All-Time Sonics team.

Johan Petro and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hell yeah. There's a joke in there somewhere that I don't have time to make right now, someone else do it.

Swift hasn't outplayed Petro, although he does look better in practice. But Hill thinks Swift fits better in a lineup with point guard Luke Ridnour, who has secured the starting role. Because of Petro's quickness running the floor, Hill likes the Frenchman to play with reserve guard Earl Watson.

"When Earl comes in, I want him to be able to play [freely]," said Hill, who wants to have his rotation set after Friday's matchup. "Earl has the ability of going coast to coast and Johan has the ability of running with him, so we'll see. Johan and Robert don't have the starting position, so this is an important week for them.

Lots of hints in here about how to set the starting lineup, as we've discussed it is about pairing styles of game and roles as much or more as who's the better player.

Frank hints that Kareem has the inside track. Should be interesting to see how he does at the open practice vs. Denham Brown.

“I would prefer the veteran because our team is so young,” Hill concedes. “But I want to see him play first. But if our new owners let us keep 14 guys, veteran shooters would be a high priority.”

And props to the guys at Supersonicsoul for their season preview in Dime mag!

Gotta go, bye!