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Daily Roundup 10.19.06

I walk 47 miles of barbed wire

From the front page, Season Ticket Holder #1 gets a surprise.

Some great audio from Locke and KC on Locke's blog page, I highly recommend it.

As first reported here on yesterday, Danny "I Ain't Got Time To Bleed" Fortson had a practice for the ages yesterday.

Frank first today. If Danny Fortson's the Predator, that makes Bob Hill ... Dutch?

“We are going to change the rotation,” Hill said. “We are going to try to get closer to the rotation we will use in the regular season so they can get used to it. I still want to see (Mickael) Gelabale play with the first team. I may do that this Friday. But the last four games I want to get closer to how we will play in the regular season.”

Gelabale has increasingly intrigued Hill because of his length, his shooting ability, his defense and his ball handling, making him a diverse weapon. The primary thing Gelabale is missing is strength and weight, something that might restrict him to the backcourt.

“I want to get Gelabale on the floor as much as possible,” Hill said.

Time's running out for Kareem Rush.

Props to Jim Brunner for having the balls to write an article at least explaining I-91 that isn't tainted by the simplistic idiocy of union shill Chris Van Dyk and his anti-everything crowd.

As a Seattle-only measure, I-91 would have no legal authority in Bellevue, Renton or other suburban locations Sonics owners are considering for a new arena. And even in Seattle, I-91 is so narrowly written it might not block taxpayer-financed renovations at KeyArena or construction of a new arena elsewhere in the city.

It's stupid legislation written by a paid hack for the SEIU which exploits anti-tax and pro sports sentiment for the sake of getting the hotel/motel lobby off the hook for Qwest Field taxes, which aren't even paid by a vast majority of King County residents. Moving on.

Gary Washburn profiles Luke Ridnour, who near as I can tell is probably Hawkins -- that guy with the glasses who tells the "Because of the echo" joke at the beginning of the flick:

"I'm not going to think about (doing too much)," he said. "The main thing is getting this team going, getting assists, getting other guys going. When you do that, then your stuff just comes to you. We run so hard that the floor is going to be open, so I am excited about it."

Last but not least the lovely and talented Jayda Evans writes a piece on Desmon Farmer.

Hill wants to keep his 18-man roster until Friday, but said cuts will be made prior to the team's trip to Los Angeles to play the Clippers.

"I'm not worried about who's here," said Farmer, who averaged 11 points with Seattle's summer-league team. "Things will have to work themselves out. I definitely think this is a great fit for me. I've definitely been performing in training camp, doing what they ask me to do. It's just about the choice — waiting it out and see."