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Daily Roundup 10.20.06

It's about @#&^*ing time it's Friday.

That's a close up of Danny Fortson's watch, by the way. Kidding ~

Proof positive of the end of Western Civilization?

Let's check out Grandmaster Kevin Pelton and his Wheels of Steel on Rashard Lewis today.

Let all debate about whether or not Rashard wants to opt out and bolt end today. Nitwit ESPN writers, this means you.

"Me and Ray were talking about this on the bus the other day, that I'm the guy that's still here from that old team," says Lewis. "I've been here the longest - he may be the oldest, but I have the most history on this team. I feel like Seattle's the mother and I am the son of this city."

I highly recommend that you listen to David Locke's audio interview with Rashard on the same page. That is just great, great stuff, as is Locke's blog entry. Good job Locke and Kevin!

Today's Gary Washburn profile is on Milt Palacio. Nice story on the undrafted free agent guard.

"I have confidence in myself and that's the biggest thing," he said Thursday after the Sonics completed a two-hour practice. "I've always had to do things the hard way, so I am used to it. Whoever is starting, whoever is backing up, you have to go at all of them. Once you play hard and know how to play this game, you will be fine."

Percy Allen presents the continuing stooooooooory of Mikael Gelebale, aka Jelly Belly, or MEE-kah-el Jhay-la-BAHL for you pedantic types, or French types, or both. :D

Still, Sonics coach Bob Hill will give Gelabale another chance to prove he belongs tonight at KeyArena in the exhibition home opener against the Portland Trail Blazers.

"When you're comfortable, you're able to relax and be more like yourself," said Gelabale's agent, Bouna Ndiaye. "Considering everything, he's actually getting the system pretty quickly. He understands what he has to do and how to play with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.

"When everything else gets settled, you'll see a different Mickael."

I never got to see the old one, but if it was before The Hair(tm), then nevermind.

Frank pitches in with his own take on Gelebale. I want to give Frank major props as he has some truly hilarious quotes in this piece:

“He is much more advanced as far as understanding how to play,” Sonics assistant Gordon Chiesa said. “He has a natural knack for making plays and having a feel for the game. Knowing how to play the game is such an unbelievable skill in the NBA. He also knows how to play without the ball. That is a wonderful trait for a young player.”

OK, that ain't one. But check out Gordon Chiesa:

Chiesa points out, “The language thing is a barrier only when they play defense. Most European players pull the European gag rule on defense. You tell them to play defense and they say, ‘Me no understand.’

And the comedy stylings of Johan Petro!

“He knows the basics (in restaurants),” Petro says for Gelabale. “ ‘I want hamburgers.’ ”

And here I thought the French were more into highbrow cuisine. No worries. Johan, Mikael, I highly recommend Fatburger for your cooked-meat-on-a-sesame-seed-bun needs. In fact next time you go, call me, I'll buy. Seriously!

Don't forget that the first preseason home game is TONIGHT against the reviled Portland Blazers! Look for SOS folk around Key Arena tonight, buy a T-shirt, sign up for the cause and cheer on the Supes, I hope to see you all there !

Gary W. tips the starting lineup and rotation for tonight's contest:

Luke Ridnour and Allen as the guards, Lewis and Chris Wilcox as the forwards and Robert Swift, who will make his first start at center. They'll play the majority of the first and third quarters while the second unit of Gs Earl Watson and Gelabale, Fs Damien Wilkins and Collison and C Johan Petro will play in the second and fourth.

Can't think of a better tuneup than the Blazers, who will probably have their own share of fans rooting on B-Roy and Martell tonight.