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Daily Roundup 10.24.06

Yes, I will be your substitute roundup writer. I will be playing the roll of backup.

David Locke has an interesting segment on his blog about watching Ray Allen and Steve Nash warm up before yesterday's game. Locke also has an interview (audio) with Chris Wilcox where Locke busts down Wilcox and makes him shut off Lil' Wayne for the interview. Locke specifically asks about how he is dealing with not putting up numbers in the preseason.'s own Brian Robinson celebrates the team's new ownership by pointing out that there have been some hard times in Sonicsland for the last couple of months and hoping for better things to come.

Gary Washburn reminds us that the NBA owners will decide today on the transfer of ownership for the Sonics.

David Stern likes his new balls.

Frank Hughes notes on his blog last night that Galabale is still adjusting to the NBA

[Galabale] just tried to substitute for Ray and could not get his warmup bottoms off. Bob Hill started clapping for him once he finally got them off and came in for Ray. The rest of the arena just laughed.

Curious about Robert Swift's ability to guard Steve Nash? Me neither, but this photo gives a good view of Robert and Nash's new hair and some of the ink Swift has collected over the Summer. I think that may be the Constitution he is having put on his left calf...

And for those who might be wondering, yes, white men can jump.

Sorry for the butchery of the Daily Roundup. I guess today you really get what you pay for...