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Practice Notes 10.24.06

Sonics broadcaster David Locke described todays practice best when he called it “loud”. The team was full of enthusiasm as they completed a short hour and a half long practice with lots of applause, laughter, and enthusiasm. For the final section of practice the 5 on 5 drill involved an offensive team trying to enter the ball into Robert Swift deep in the post while the defense worked to stop it, knowing the play. Defense prevailed for the most part to huge applause each time pass down low was picked off.

In his post-practice interview Bob Hill addressed several issues including how impressed he was with a small ball lineup featuring Rashard Lewis at the 4 and Nick Collison at the 5. This lineup was very effective against Phoenix and Hill implied that he would like to find places to use the lineup in the season.

“He just hasn’t made a difference” Coach Hill said referring to Chris Wilcox in what seems to be the first public acknowledgment Wilcox’ play has been disappointing this off season.

Coach Hill also advised that Robert Swift will be the starter at center. “It’s pretty much set in granite. That is what I’m going to do.” Hill stated when asked whether Swift was written into the starting lineup in pencil or pen.