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Daily Roundup 10.26.06

Update: The Sonics have waived Denham Brown and Milt Palacio.

Overheard at last night's game:

" Danny only got that flagrant foul because Violet [Palmer]'s jealous of his hair."
- Brian

"Yeah, her weave is lookin' pretty sorry. It must not be payday yet."
- Steve

The end of the Wally Walker era is at hand.

Walker said Wednesday night during the Sonics' 103-88 preseason win over the Sacramento Kings that he will not comment until Tuesday, but according to the source, he has been notified that he will not have a role with the team.

That sound you hear over at the P-I, I believe, is a rousing chorus of "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead."

And speaking of the Wizard of Oz:

Nick Licata, Gordon Chiesa, and Eric Musselman, or the Kings frontcourt last night?

If you didn't see or hear the game last night, check out Kevin Pelton's blog entry here. Next best thing to being in the press box except without the popcorn and having to sit next to Brian Davis.

As soon as we hear an update on Robert Swift's condition, we'll post it.

You want the tooth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TOOTH!a>

P sums up Big Rob's injury. Get well soon, Rob.

Swift will not make the trip to Spokane, and guard Earl Watson most likely will also remain in Seattle after his right front tooth was dislodged again. Watson was knocked in the mouth while being called for a foul in the fourth quarter. He swallowed the tooth, which got stuck in his throat, sending him to the hospital for treatment.

Kudos to the unnamed Key Arena staffer who cleaned up the puke in the hallway to the locker room. You sure earned your money last night sister.

Frizznank Hizzughes on the dearly departed coffee king.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had both positive and negative dealings with Schultz on a number of topics regarding the league, including luxury tax issues; Cuban is a heavy contributor to the league’s tax on overspending on player salaries, a subject that Schultz never could reconcile in his mind.

But in an e-mail message, Cuban said he felt badly that Schultz ultimately had to sell the team, cryptically mentioning a promise to Schultz that was not fulfilled.

“I think Howard did everything humanly possible to make the Sonics work,” Cuban wrote. “He brought his insights and experiences to the NBA and we are not as strong an organization without him.

Moving on ...

This is like looking at pictures of yourself from the 80s (if you're my age).

Big time props to Pete and Paul of Supersonicsoul for their Chris Wilcox piece and hilariously cringe-worthy photo of Clay Bennett, David Stern, and some other guy who looks like he might take off into orbit if he farted towards the ground.