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Swift Uncertain

UPDATE: The team has now confirmed Roberts torn ACL. Swift will require surgery and most likely miss the entire season. This was suspected immediately after the injury but just made official.
Without going into great detail let me say that Gary Washburn's article stating that Robert Swift will miss the entire season is premature.

There is a very strong likelyhood that Swift has a torn ACL, and if that is the case he will in fact miss the season. This tear was the initial diagnosis of the team doctor and a discussed option. During the game I was minutes from informing of this fact as I happened to actually be with the Swift family at the time the doctor relayed the news.

Shortly thereafter the diagnosis was downgraded to a strain with potential tear of the ACL because Swift reacted very positively to the initial icing. Within 20 minutes he said there was very little pain and the doctors felt that this was a good sign.

I spoke with the Swifts at approximately 8pm yesterday evening and at that time the doctor had not reviewed the results of his MRI. The test was done in Seattle, and the doctor charged with reviewing them had traveled to Spokane. An appointment is scheduled for today to review the MRI results and make a diagnosis. I should have immediate clarification.

Any discusion of Swift's medical condition by the team prior to the family's notification would be a serious violation of Swift's medical privacy rights. I can tell you that the team is being very cautious not to cross this line. Therefore I am doubtful that the source who provided this information to Gary knows anything more than "there is A CHANCE that Swift has the torn ACL".

There is still a strong likelyhood of this injury, but wait until it is official to pass judgement. My regards and best wishes to the Swift family who have really high hopes for Robert this season.