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Put your Daily Roundup Here:

I know Steve will get to it so I'm starting early. Check out the difference in columns by Gary Washburn and Frank Hughes to see what a difference a reporters view of the same interview can make. Seriously, look close a Hughes work and see how much fact there is behind him stirring the pot.

Ridnour will work his way thought this.

I was suprised to hear that Mike Wilkes has a chance to make this team. I am not entirely certain of the person who told me, but it sounded convincing. when asked about Milt Palacio the response was that Wilkes has looked good so far and was really well liked last season. Obviously the size is an issue but Wilkes got some publicity. Of course this was after management told Mike that he had to move his truck out of the lot to make room for the press....not a good sign.