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Daily Roundup 10.30.06

Farewell To Kings

Celtics players remember Red

One of the true legends of the game and one of the most dominant coach/GMs in the history of professional sports.

Earl Watson gets tooth upgrade

Is it safe?

From the same article, why NBA refs suck at their jobs:

Hill asked official Ron Garretson why he whistled rookie Mouhamed Sene for his first NBA technical Thursday against Golden State in Spokane. "I said, 'He doesn't speak English, what did he say?' " Hill said. "Garretson said, 'He just yelled at me. I couldn't understand it.' "

Garretson's a pompous ass just like his old man.

You Gotta Love Big Mo

They call him Flavor Flav.

The nickname Sonics teammates have given Mouhamed Sene is a cruel one, considering the rap icon's appearance. A twisted mouth with gold teeth. A skinny frame draped in dated sweatsuits. A massive clock necklace.

Mo's lampin', he's lampin', he's cole cole lampin'.

"I'm trying. I'm learning," he said. "I have confidence in myself and I know that it's going to come.

"Becoming a good player is all in your head, and I know if I keep working hard, I'll eventually realize my dream because I do have dreams about the NBA. It's hard, but I'm a man, and you have to work hard to get what you want."

To da Pocanos, we call the hideaways, pack of franks and a big bag of Frito Lays.

You cannot imagine a nicer guy than Mo, who actually took the time to reply to a text message sent by a site author. I hope he has a breakout season as he is a real easy guy to root for.

As reported here over the weekend, Danny Fortson recieved a suspension for the flagrant foul he committed vs. the Kings last week.

Hill still has not officially named Sene the starter against Portland and defensive stalwart Joel Przybilla but is "leaning toward that." Johan Petro will serve as backup center and Collison will fill in when Hill wants a small lineup.

The irony of the Fortson suspension is obvious. The foul against Artest initially was called a personal before lead official Bill Spooner upgraded it to flagrant, and then Jackson, whom Fortson called a "gangsta" last season, upgraded it again.

I'm sorry, but I still think that's complete BS. I saw the foul, it wasn't any harder than many hard fouls I've seen in NBA games. But because it's Danny Fortson it gets upgraded to a Flagrant 2. How can anyone tell me with a straight face that Danny isn't getting railroaded out of the league ... he isn't going to be able to stay on the floor longer than 5 minutes a game if he's lucky.

Looks like Desmon Farmer could make the team as an inactive reserve over Kareem Rush. Stay tuned.

That's all for today folks, it's a bit of a slow day for Sonics stuff. Check the site later today for the first installment of our Season Predictions and RoundTable. Or some more clever title than that if I can think of it. :D