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Sonics Extend Luke Ridnour

I haven't tracked down any details yet but Frank Hughes is hot on the trail(after spending most of the preseason reporting Luke's unhappiness). The deal is confirmed as a 3 year extension which in general terms makes it great almost irregardless of the price per year. My guess is that it is below what Wilcox got.

An interesting thought put forward by Scott is this: Why would a local guy like Ridnour sign an extension if he felt the team was likely to move?

Wouldn't he have waited to see what the future brings? Why did Clay Bennett's first few days in town convince him that he should commit to the future? Of course the extension only carries him until 2010 when the lease ends so it could be as simple as a promise that the team would not move in the next two years. Still I continue to grow cautiously optimistic.