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Daily Roundup 10.4.06

Defense. It ain't just what goes around de yard.

Watson said he came to camp intent on "being aggressive and being physical."

"The Sonics got a label for being a team that doesn't play defense, so I'm trying to have some type of input in changing that," he said. "That label has been there since GP [Gary Payton] left. Defense is a mindset. I talked to coach about that.

Also Percy's training camp Day 1 highlights.

Bob Hill runs the team hard on Day 1.

It’s why Sonics coach Bob Hill, uncomfortable with the way things were run under Bob Weiss last year, immediately placed his imprint on training camp when it opened Tuesday, running the team through a three-hour practice in the morning while ratcheting up the intensity level to a stratosphere that was never seen under Weiss.

Kudos to Gary Washburn on his practice piece. He got a lot of good quotes from Hill in this one.

Best Sonic dunkers of all time? Yeah you know who's #1 ...

Congrats on the newly condensed news page on Very nicely done.

As you may have noticed I'm not my usual jokey self today -- that's partially due to a time crunch I'm under at the moment, and also because sometimes you just can't beat reality for funny weird sh*t.

Last and definitely least, the story of Doug Christie and his insanely weird marriage. Coming soon to a TV set near you.