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What can you do?

The big question for Sonics fans who want to keep the team in town is "What can I do?"

Over the next several weeks we are going to be giving quick and easy things that you can do which WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. For starters always encourage people to go to and sign up for action alerts.

Here is this weeks tip on how to help: Talk a lot about basketball.

Call into KJR Sports radio at 286-9595, KIRO 710 at 877-710-KIRO, or KRKQ in Everett, or any other station that will talk sports and talk about the Sonics. We know that everyone is excited about the Huskies and Seahawks but if every Sonics fan calls the radio once this week it will send a clear message that people care about the Sonics and the upcoming season. Please call

    at least once this week

and while on air mention and our fan rally on Thursday at Goofy's Sport Bar..

If you cannot call then send at minimum one e-mail talking about the season and the Sonics in general.