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Daily Roundup 10.6.06

Thank God It's Friday!

Kudos to Art Thiel for having the stones to finally print something in the local media about the idiocy of I-91.

As deputy mayor Tim Ceis points out, the Sonics aren't the building's only sports tenants.

"Besides being an absurd premise -- how do you create a lease based on a formula? -- if the initiative passes, we can't do a lease for the Storm, the T-Birds hockey team or any other new venture, such as pro lacrosse, that lack a track record."

Strike one against paid signature gatherers and sound bite politics.

Okay, enough of that for today.

Lots of profiles in the dailies today:

Damien Wilkins

"I don't really go home at night and (think) I have to come in and beat Gelabale," Wilkins said. "I am just trying to make this team better, and if we can do that together, that would be great."

Hee hee factor:

Wilkins said his biggest thrill in Springfield was meeting current Knicks coach and former Detroit Pistons star Isiah Thomas.

I'm assuming it wasn't about Isiah's organizational management skills.


Bob Hill also hints Kareem Rush will be kept on the roster:

Because the Sonics are seeking an outside shooter to come off the bench and Rush has 175 3-pointers in four years, the Sonics are going to be patient with him as he heals.

"I may be speaking out of turn, but I think we'll keep him to give him a chance," Hill said. "He's a veteran. He's got playoff experience. He's a guy that we probably need to take a look at."


Kenny Adeleke

"He's going to be a very good professional rebounder," Sonics coach Bob Hill said of Adeleke, who at 6 feet 9 is an inch taller than Evans. "But he's got to work on his shot and low-post moves."

Every season Evans, dubbed "The Joker," had the same criticisms hover over him like a dark cloud, but he worked on his rebounding and defensive skills to start 189 games in 3-½ seasons with the Sonics, gradually improving on offense. Adeleke, a native New Yorker, is using Evans' success story as motivation to do the same as he transitions a frame that played power forward and center at Hartford into small forward as a professional.

Always a good story to see undrafted free agents make the league. Hopefully Kenny will also learn from the Nutcracker not to start reading or believing his own press clippings...that's when Reggie ceased being a useful player.

Hope springs eternal for Shawn Kemp. Sort of.

People magazine and celebrity-centric blogs are reporting that San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker and actress Eva Longoria have ended their relationship, which prompted online sportsbook to place odds on which NBA star the "Desperate Housewives" temptress will date next. Among candidates like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan with 8-to-1 odds is former Sonic Shawn Kemp.

Just don't come near Doug Christie, or be prepared for a Flavor Of Love style smackdown ... seriously, I thought Doug's wife was New York from the first season when I read about her. Scary stuff.

Frank Hughes chips in with a roster piece.

The Sonics currently have 12 players with guaranteed contracts on their roster. They are required under NBA rules to keep 13 players, and Hill said it is most likely the extra player will be a third point guard, either Mike Wilks or Milt Palacio.

If Hill is permitted to keep a 14th player, that likely will be a shooter, either Kareem Rush or Desmon Farmer.

And if the team can keep the maximum 15 players, Hill said he would like to keep a big forward who can spread the floor with outside shooting. That player currently is not in camp, though scout Steve Rosenberry soon will head out to evaluate other teams’ exhibition games in case those teams end up cutting players in whom the Sonics have an interest.

Everything I've heard about the Wilks/Palacio battle favors Wilks. A third PG is needed as Damien Wilkens is not really a good option in my opinion. I also don't think the decision is as open as Frank seems to hint. I'll bet the Sonics know exactly how many players they're going to keep, if not whom yet.

When the dust clears I predict the Supes will break camp with Wilks and Rush if they keep 14 players.

I would be very surprised if they use the full 15-man roster.

Who do you think the Sonics should keep? Let us know!