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Weekend Roundup

Oh how I wish I were as clever and witty as my friend Steve when it comes to putting together roundups. Somehow I can't quite come up with all the one liners he manages...

I do however write articles. Here's one for your review.

According to Percy Allen Bob Hill is fascinated with Dwayne Wade. Not a bad choice. I think obsession with Wade may get you somewhere in the NBA. My current obsession is more of a dead end.... Damn that was one fine show.

My condolences go out to Mike Wilks who is being asked to convert more layups. Wilks points out that there are a few guys in the league who are bigger than him. Maybe he needs to work out a little bit more. Did we mention that at media day the team made poor Wilks move his truck to the far parking lot to make room for the media? The poor guy gets no respect.

In Percy's daily camp roundup Mo Sene gets named as both the standout defensive player and the "thumbs down" liability player. Probably a pretty good read on Sene who will have his ups and downs all season. Sene has the potential to be one of the best players in the league, but he's not even close yet.

Finally Frank Hughes posts a piece with lots of tidbits but not much significant. Ray Allen is hurt and if people will forgive my language that really sucks ass. I hope Ray gets better.

Remember that this thursday Save Our Sonics is having a fan rally. There is free food, some T-Shirts, and there will be a game on the radio. Please come out.