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Sonics Waive Noel Felix

The Sonics just waived SF/PF Noel Felix at his request. Felix has debated over the last several days whether to accept an offer of a guaranteed contract from Macabi Tel Aviv. After meeting with the team with his agent he received indications that the Sonics were likely to keep a PG with the #13 roster spot and could not assure him that 14 players would be kept. While Noel would strongly prefer to remain in the NBA he has a young child and felt that he had to take the opportunity to play for a guaranteed contract.

I just spoke with Noel who will be departing today to join his new club. He expects to play in a game with Macabi next Wednessday. Felix advised that the team was extremely supportive and that there were no hard feelings involved. Macabi is actually a great fit as the Sonics will be closely monitoring second round pick Yotam Halperin who also plays for the club. Felix remains on good terms with the team and hopes for a callback later this season.