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Daily Roundup 11.10.06

It's Friday which means behold the power of SKYBAND!

Way back in the mists of prehistory, when Clinton was still president and the authors were split amongst the vexing question of whether or not to trade Gary Payton before he got old, we used to play a little game called captions. Enter ...

Check out the Locker Room Show's new podcast with Bob Hill. Great work on that feature guys.

David Locke breaks it down as only he can

This season, opponents are shooting 49% from the field against the Sonics in quarters one through three. However, in the fourth quarter Sonics opponents are shooting 55% (39-71).

In quarters one through three opponents have shot 97 free throws or 6.5 per quarter. In the five fourth quarters, they have shot 70 free throws or 14 per fourth quarter.

How come?

Tonight we should get our first look at Adam Morrison. Gary Washburn reports he may start at shooting guard tonight. I can't wait to see that matchup ...

You know you just can't read enough Danny Fortson articles.

"It's frustrating, but my teammates are there to help me out, they have my back," he said while icing his back from the rigors of the Orlando game. "It keeps me going, but it's tough to walk in my shoes. I'm playing hard, and I know they see those things, guys climbing on my back."

Thank you sir, may I have another?

"I now know, what's the use?" Fortson said. "I'm going to [mess] around and have a heart attack. Seriously, I'm going to have a heart attack if I'm [messing] with them. Somebody is going to have to give me CPR and drag me off the court.

"So I'm done. I don't have [anything] to say to them anymore."

Heh heh heh, reading that quote was like watching Scarface on NBC. Great job Percy on a great article. And speaking of quotes:

Former Nets president Jon Spoelstra said the team was filled with "convicts and criminals" during his tenure with New Jersey.

Spoelstra, president of the Nets from 1993 to '95, said that his players were in so much legal trouble then, team publications could have been filled with "mug shots."

"One year we had six guys in jail," he said Thursday. "Not together, because that would have meant teamwork."

Take my wife, please!

Frank Hughes chips in with his heartwarming screed Danny: Portrait of a Pigtailed Enigma.

“I can probably play five more years if I wanted to,” Fortson said. “It all comes down to me playing out on the court. To be honest with you, (the officials) haven’t allowed me to do my job the last couple years.

“That is the frustrating thing – you don’t do your job that means you don’t sign with somebody else.

“If I don’t play again, I put the blame on them for that. I blame myself for not keeping my cool, but like I said you can easily criticize until you walk a day in my shoes.”

Caption this!