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Writers Wanted

Over the first two weeks of the season it has become evident that I simply will not have the time to write as frequently as this site deserves. The effort to save our Sonics, combined with my minimal effort to retain my job will just require too many dates in which I let major on the court news slip by to focus on behind the scenes issues. Today is no exception.

I am looking for additional writers who are interested in providing frequent content for the site. I will be able to question players and provide audio clips via e-mail to be transcribed and used for real journalistic article. The potential upside for writers is a whole lot of fun, plus the posibility of a media pass or limited practice in the future. I don't know whether that is realistic or not but if continues to grow and develope as a legitimate fan news source then I think we can put it in front of the team at a later date.

Please let me know if interested.