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Daily Roundup 11.14.06

Cheap and Easy. It's a McArticle.

Anyone else think there's a few things missing from this list? At least they took a well deserved shot at Licata. Forget about Seattle. They've crapped in their own bed one too many times and as a citizen I'm tired of changing the sheets. Please make your case for the Sonics here and in other local media!

The casual fans probably didn't notice that a 3-2 Road Trip is fantastic.

Luke's hot start carries the team

"I kept calling pick-and-rolls for him and he kept getting in the paint and hitting those floaters," Sonics coach Bob Hill said, sounding like a proud papa. "That in-between game is so important for him and he put on a clinic tonight."

More praise

"It might be too early for everybody else to say that Luke has arrived, but as his teammate I can say that because I've seen him in the gym every day," Lewis said. "He's been working on his game. Even when he's playing well he's still in the gym. So I think he'll be more consistent.

"Maybe not necessarily giving us 30 points a night, but I feel he can give us at least 15. We're close to being the Big Three. Shoot, the way Weezy [Chris Wilcox] is playing, we're like the Big Four. Think about that for a second. If we get all of us going, man, we got a lot of weapons."

Nice breakdown by Locke

It's Almost There ...

"We don't have the balance we need yet with regards to the chemistry and harmony on the team and that's a concern," he said. "We need to get there, especially with Robert [Swift] gone even longer. We're close, it's good, but it's not what it used to be."

The Schedule Gods Smile Upon Ye

Luke Ridnour is on the All-Star ballot

And one more wrapup

“I knew ahead of time we had a lot of character on this team,” Hill said, “Today I think we showed we had a lot of resilience. The Sonics should feel good about this trip when we land in Seattle tomorrow.”

“I’m just glad we won,” understated Ridnour, who attempted to be the first player out of the locker room after the game before being hailed down by reporters.

That last sentence is totally Luke.