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Daily Roundup 11.16.06

Have You Seen Me?

There's bound to be a lot of handwringing and finger pointing after last night's loss to the 76ers. Let me throw my explanation out there before we go any further. Turnovers. If the Sonics didn't turn the ball over so damn much last night with all the unforced errors and sloppy passes, they would have won that game. In spite of the crappy shooting and the even crappier officiating. In essence, they beat themselves.

Memo to Violet Palmer: Oh how I wish I could suck at my job as badly as you suck at yours and still keep it. You're a disgrace.

P-I runs their Bobby Jones story the day after. This is a little better than the one yesterday.

"It's a good feeling to have, and I am happy I am here for business and not just visiting old friends," he said before the Sonics took on the 76ers. "It's been a slow experience (for me) but at the same time a good one. It's a totally different level from college, and I am learning to be patient and be positive."

Petro gets stuck in traffic, Rob schedules surgery and more

The closure of the 520 bridge left Sonics center Johan Petro on the wrong side of Lake Washington, causing him to arrive just 40 minutes before tipoff against Philadelphia.

Sounds as if Ray agreed with my assessment.

"We took ourselves out of the game," Allen said after the game. "Offensively we just made the wrong play 90 percent of the night. We stopped ourselves."

Congrats to former Sonics Kevin Ollie on his return. Great time to pick to have your one good game of the month. :D

And in what can only be good news for Sonic fans and probably no surprise to Nuggets fans, K-Mart is closed for the year. This division remains so up for grabs it isn't funny, and the first test starts tomorrow vs. Utah, who has injury issues of their own.

Eric Williams steps in off the bench and Wally Pipps Frank Hughes.

Added Lewis, who was hammered in the face by Philadelphia’s Steven Hunter while driving to the basket in the fourth quarter: “When you got Seattle Sonics on your chest you’re not getting very many calls. And every time Iverson went to the paint, you barely touch him with a fingernail and they were putting him on the free-throw line. That’s been happening all season for us. And I’m sure it’s going to continue to happen so we’ve just got to play through it.”

I have to say that last night that was pretty much a true statement. But it's also hard to shake the rep as a bunch of whiny jumpshooting pussies if you don't take the ball to the damn basket and hammer it down on some fools. Agreed?

PS still no decision on sending Big Mo to the D-League yet.