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Sonics vs. Jazz game thread

Utah is playing well, and this will be a tough test for the Sonics. Check out Kevin Pelton's Insider's Preview for the best knowledge this side of an encyclopedia. KP sez:

Led by Williams and a rejuvenated Boozer, the Jazz boast the NBA's offense at 113.9 points per 100 possessions. That's a big improvement from last year, when Utah ranked 25th in the NBA in Offensive Rating. The Jazz's improvement has come almost entirely on the offensive end of the floor. The Jazz has also shown the ability to overcome injuries so far. Kirilenko is out with a sprained right ankle, but even without him Utah blew out the L.A. Clippers at the Delta Center on Tuesday. The Jazz has also played without guard Gordan Giricek for four games.'s take on the game by Amy Jo Walker.

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