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Answer this one?

Sometime today I will post a summary of last nights events for everybody to review. In the meantime please accept my assurances that at this point I probably have spent more time with the Oklahoma group than any other member of the media. I came away extremely assured of their desire to keep the team here provided we all step up and get the arena done.

A couple of simple question were posed to me by a member of the new ownership group and I want to relay them to you. How would you answer these questions to somebody trying to evaluate the situation here and repair the damage:

"What did the Basketball Club of Seattle do to screw things up so badly?"

"How did they burn so many bridges?"

Go to town with your opinion and then I will tell you my answers. It was a key conversation that I felt would actually have some influence into how this new group moves forward. They listened intensely and really want to know.