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Sonics vs. Clippers Game Thread

For the best review of the current state of the Clippers, see MadGlove's article here on

For some great insight into tonight's match up visit Kevin Pelton's Insider Preview. Thus spoke KP:

While most of the talk about the Clippers centers around All-Star Elton Brand, or Sam Cassell - who deserves a lot of credit for changing the mindset in L.A., along with his play at the point - it's worth noting that under Dunleavy this has been a defensive team first and foremost. The Clippers Defensive Rating is sixth in the NBA thus far, and opponents shoot just 43.8% from the field and 28.3% from the field against them. The duo of Brand and Chris Kaman is one of the league's most physical, while the Clippers have an underrated lockdown defender in swingman Quinton Ross.

Tonight is going to be all about defense. Can the Sonics play enough of it to outscore the Clips or vice versa? I think your key matchups will be @ PG with ET (Cassell) vs. Luke Ridnour/Earl Watson and @ PF with Elton Brand vs. Chris Wilcox/Nick Collison. It will be interesting to see if Earl and Nick both get more floor time in an attempt to slow down the Clipper offense.