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Daily Roundup 11.26.06

Call me crazy, but I think we can win tonight.


No really. Rashard Lewis is playing as well as he ever has right now. I humbly submit that the Spurs really don't have a matchup for him, just as we don't for TD. If the Sonics play smart on the offensive end and Ray Allen can shake out of his slump, I think we have an excellent chance of winning.

Sugar Ray vs. "Dirty Bastard" Bowen
, This Time It's War.

From Friday, G-Dub profiles Luke.

"Scoring is something I'm comfortable with," said Ridnour, who averaged 19.7 points in his junior season at Oregon. "As a point guard, you have to score when you have the opportunity but at the same time get your teammates involved. Game to game it could be different. I am just not focused on one thing."

Best of luck to Daniel Shapiro in his battle against cancer.

Where were you six years ago today?

If you want a heavy read ...

If you want the view from the other side tonight, You really, really should read this.

Here's to ending San Antonio's perfect 6-0 road record. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

I freaking love that movie.