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Daily Roundup 11.03.06

Welcome to a special cult movie quote edition of the Daily Roundup.

They're only monkey-boys. We can crush them here on earth, Lord Whorfin.

Said Ray Allen: "I've said all along a veteran big man would help those young guys. We don't necessarily have that at the center position, but Danny is the next-closest thing."

Strangers with this kind of honesty make me go a big rubbery one.

Baron Davis took 19 shots the most on the Warriors. I am convinced that when he leads the team in shot attempts they lose every time.

Get this clown trained. I want him in the Games until he dies playing. .

"He's coming into his own right now," concludes Chiesa. "This is his fourth year, so the learning curve right now is right in front of him. He's always played well. Now is hopefully the beginning of a good year, a solid year for him. He's got game."

Let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on black!

"I think he's trying to please too hard," Hill added. "He's all over the place. He's hustling himself into bad position defensively. That's what he's doing. He's such a phenomenal kid and he's such a great athlete and he wants to do well and he wants to please us, but he's overhustling."

Come on, boys! The way you're lollygaggin' around here with them picks and them shovels, you'd think it was a hundert an' twenty degree. Can't be more than a hundert an' fourteen.

"We were really bad defensively," Sonics coach Bob Hill said. "Our pick-and-roll defense was awful. Our post defense was awful. We didn't have any discipline. We got beat on (rebounds) and besides all of that we should have won the game. But there were some things that happened out there that didn't make any sense."

Say, Hill. Would you rub some of this powder on my lips?

“I don’t know if it is the right thing to do to move Johan into the starting lineup after last night’s performance,” Hill said.

“We will have to wait until we get down to LA and see where we are.”

It's okay. He's just admiring the shape of your skull.

Ridnour played twice as many minutes (41) as backup point guard Earl Watson and finished with 22 points -- hitting 10 of 17 from the field -- 13 assists, five rebounds and three steals with just three turnovers.

It was a near-brilliant performance wedged into a dreadful meltdown, a 110-106 home defeat against the consensus pick as the worst team in the Western Conference.

"It was probably one of the better games I've seen him scoring -- scoring aggressively," Ray Allen said. "That was definitely a bright spot for us."

For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm of genius.

The first person who can correctly identify all the quotes (just movie titles, please) wins a free Sonics T-shirt from yours truly. Good Luck!