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Sonics @ Lakers:Game Thread

Tonights game may mark the return of Kobe or MauriceEvans may start in his place. As always the place to start your game breakdown is with the Sonics Insider by Kevin Pelton. It's always an interesting game when Ray and Kobe are playing against each other, but its the players surrounding them that will make the difference.

The other big matchups of the night feature Rashard Lewis against Lamar Odom. Odom's been Mr Doeverything for the Lakers thus far, while Lewis got the young season off on a good start. However, I'd like to highlight the matchup in the middle, where the Sonics may start Mo Sene if his ankle is healthy enough while the Lakers go with Andrew Bynum while thier other bigs are down with injuries. Had the ACL injury not happened to Robert Swift this is a matchup I would really be looking forward to, Bynum showed in the first game of the year a better understanding of the game, and a soft touch with the ball in his hands. At his size the Sonics are going to have thier hands full, without question.

Does anyone else besides me think that we'd have beaten the Blazers had Danny Fortson been playing? Scary that with the injury to Swift we really need for Danny to play well this year, he'll get his first opportunity tonight. Should be a good one with broadcasts on both ESPN and FSN (in HD no less). This is your place to discuss the action.