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Daily Roundup 11.07.06

I Want You .. To Get Your Ass Out There and Vote!

Cheers to a new feature, the Sonics Locker Room.

This is going to be a biweekly podcast featuring David Locke, the inimitable Kevin Calabro, and Kevin Pelton. Please send em your questions and check it out, I'm excited about this.

Gary Washburn writes about the importance of this 5-game East Coast trip:

Sonics coach Bob Hill has been planning for this swing since training camp, realizing that his club's season could potentially be derailed if the team is unprepared. So the club improved its depth by signing Greek center Andreas Glyniadakis to help check Shaquille O'Neal.

Andreas Glyniadakis: The Anti-Shaq!

Dude, some guy in my fantasy hoops league wanted me to trade him Corey Maggette for Tyrus Thomas.

Nick hopes this road trip can recapture some of the excitement of the on in 2004 where the team bonded and went to a surprising season. Nice pictures in the Times all this week, by the way.

"We don't have any problems, but a long road trip like that could be good because you spend a lot of time together," forward Nick Collison said. "It will be good maybe for our team to come together a little better.

I look for I-91 to pass by an overwhelming margin today ... I can describe its effect in 5 words: so long Seattle, hello Bellevue. Hope you CMFIT folks like the idea of selling Seattle Center land to build yet more overpriced condos because that's what's going to end up happening.

Frank Hughes kind of tries to take a swipe at Walker, but I find it funny that in multiple quotes in this story Sund's responses don't really support Frank's conspiracy theory. Wouldn't be the first time.

“I didn’t feel I had anybody looking over my shoulder before,” Sund said. “I felt like this is a business where there is a lot of money at stake, and owners need to be informed to whatever degree they want to be involved.

“Wally was an owner. I have dealt with basically all the owners, whether it was in Dallas or Detroit. The difference now is when I want to do something, I call (Bennett) instead of Wally.”

Unless Frank can produce evidence of a trade Sund wanted but was overruled this is kind of a dumb story. Sorry Frank.

Hilarious Marc Stein soap opera. This may be one of the only stories on ESPN's NBA site that isn't pay-per-view.

Props to the Supersonicsoul Pimps for their dope pic of Kemp in the Finals, love the Lenny graphic too.

Sonics vs. Heat tonight ... check it out if you're home, I won't be ...

and don't forget there is a Save Our Sonics meeting scheduled for this Thursday at Firehouse Coffee in Ballard. I'll let Brian provide you with more of the details ... Ciao

Update: The Miami Herald reports that Shaq is a game-time decision with a knee contusion.