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Daily Roundup 11.08.06

The Sonics tried, but ultimately pissed away a win in Miami against a Shaq-less Heat squad. Gah.

David Locke breaks it down. Too many unforced errors and turnovers.

What separates winning from losing is belief. If a team gets on a roll they start to believe. That is where Utah is in the early part of the season. It is what happened to Seattle two years ago. Look at Denver when George Karl took over, they suddenly believed. These teams convince themselves they were good and that makes all the difference on those one or two possessions a night.

Well put.

Frank Hughes gets the classic quote:

“We have been playing Santa Claus all year long,” Hill said. “That is the third game we gave away this year."

200-ish words on Ray Allen's praying to the Porcelain God.

Also, Gelabale loses his spot in the rotation.

Sonics coach Bob Hill said that rookie Mickael Gelabale has lost his spot in the rotation because he does not want to take minutes from Earl Watson or Luke Ridnour and give them to Gelabale.

Hill likes the combination of Ridnour and Watson together on the floor and is beginning to use it more during games, especially when the team goes with a small lineup.

I personally don't care for that lineup that much. I like the combo of Earl and Damien in the backcourt better. Rashard is usually a plus offensively at the PF position but I don't care for him there defensively. Your thought welcome.

And Andreas the Giant will probably make his debut tonight against the Magic.

Seattle once again shoots itself in the foot with a moronic short sighted initiative.

Union shill for hire Chris Van Dyk now thinks he speaks for the elected officials of the State of Washington.

"If Mr. Bennett thinks for one moment that a vote like this in the city of Seattle will encourage state legislators to fund tax subsidies for a professional sports team anywhere in Washington state, he is dead wrong," Van Dyk said. "

I'll let my legislators speak for themselves, Chris. Somehow I don't think Clay Bennett needs your advice either.

Thanks to Angela Galloway at the P-I for finally revealing the truth behind I-91. I just wish the P-I and other news outlets in this town had run some of these quotes six months ago, but whatcha gonna do.

There was no organized opposition to the measure, but some civic leaders, including Mayor Greg Nickels, said it went too far.

"We are not in the business (with the city's) opera or symphony or ballet or sports to make money for the city treasury," Nickels said recently.

GP takes the low road, unfortunately.

"I probably won't see them [Walker and Schultz] again in my life. It's one of those things. If I do, I'll keep it moving. It's just one of those things that just happened. It's over with now. I don't have to say nothing to them and they don't have to say nothing to me."

I would give anything to listen to the actual audio of that interview, because I guarantee the last sentence of that quote probably came at the tail end of a good 15 minute tirade.

Moving on ...

Dwane Wade kicks booty. Damien Wilkins falls flat.

Rashard Lewis -- Sea Changes.

Sonics General Manager Rick Sund said the team will eventually approach Lewis' situation and that could result in a two-year extension. The club could wait until season's end to make an offer, and Lewis said he still would listen.

"The Sonics haven't talked to me anyway, so I am not going to think about it ... I'm not going to worry about it until they come to me and put something on the table, and then me and my agent will talk about it," he said


I'd be OK with a two year extension I guess, but only if this team actually makes the playoffs and advances this year. It can be said that the Allen-Lewis tandem really hasn't taken this team anywhere and emphasizes the risk of building around two perimeter players with subpar defensive games. The proof is in the pudding.