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Daily Roundup 11.09.06

They Call Me Mr. Furious!

What will it take for this team to win one down the stretch? How about a better start? Another big hole early that the team has to climb out of.

Remember, deep breaths. Silver linings....this team can't keep losing these close games. They are competing in every game they've been in and it's coming down to one or two more plays a game they have to make.

Mike Seely, I'd like to buy you a beer sometime.

Have you seen O Boy Oberto?

More I-91 fallout.

Andrew Zimbalist, an economics professor at Smith College who has studied stadium issues, said the public on average has contributed 65 percent of the cost for at least 15 new professional sports venues built across the country since 2000.

"People enjoy their sports teams, and they view it as a quality of life phenomenon. It's not an economic investment. They think it enhances their quality of life," Zimbalist said in a phone interview.

In a word, yup.

G-Dub's wrap up.

"There's nothing more you can do," Lewis said. "I was on the ball, I was right there next to him. I almost blocked it. We feel like we've got a good team, we've got a playoff-contending team but it's not looking like that right now. At the same time, it's not showing on paper right now. It's more of a hurting feeling."

I think I speak for us all when I say ... No @#&^* Sherlock. Make me proud this weekend, I'm sure I'll forget yesterday happened. Maybe.

Hey, on the bright side, does Darko suck or what? Say what you want about Petro's struggles but I think he's shown more in the league than Darko has at this point.

Seattle has managed some odd statistical losses this season ... 27 TOs by the Magic for 37 Sonic points and they still didn't win ... Seriously folks I think it comes down to tweaking the starting lineup somehow because getting down by double digits early every single game is becoming tiresome. If it were up to me I'd swap Nick and Chris Wilcox in the rotation and bring Wilcox in when Nick has two fouls or when Earl subs in for Ray. What rotational moves if any would you make -- no trades, I'm not interested in going down that road today. I want to know what lineup or rotation changes if any you'd make.

Hello Bellevue, screw you Seattle.

Seattle City Council President Nick Licata said Wednesday he would welcome a debate in Olympia over whether the hotel, car-rental and restaurant taxes should be extended to benefit the Sonics. He said a counter-proposal would be introduced to use those tax revenues to support various arts and cultural organizations.

"I'd be willing to bet legislators would support a broader base of beneficiaries," said Licata, who believes Bellevue, Renton or any other city in King County would have voted as Seattle did if a measure like I-91 had been on their ballot.

I-91 could affect other professional sports operations in the city, such as the Seattle Thunderbirds, who play hockey at KeyArena, and the annual unlimited hydroplane race on Lake Washington, said Ralph Morton, executive director of the Seattle Sports Commission.

The measure also could limit the city's flexibility to bring pro all-star games to town, he said.

"I-91 makes it next to impossible for the city to negotiate agreements with any professional sport, including any new tenants to fill any potential void created at KeyArena by the Sonics and Storm leaving," Morton said.

I'll let Brian rip apart Nick's statement as everything that has come out of this idiot's mouth is typical Seattle limpwristed liberal arrogant elitist crap. And I say that as a pretty left-leaning person. We have made repeated requests to Mr. Licata that he impose the same standards of I-91 on his own budget for his tax dollars earmarked for his friends in the arts & culture area, which IMO is the biggest waste of tax money imaginable because there's zero accountability. A sculpture costs what it costs. So does a painting. Where's the return to the public on that? How many jobs does public art support?

Bennett's comments in the TNT

Bennett has already toured potential sites and met with civic leaders on the east side of the Seattle metropolitan area. Bellevue is particularly appealing to Bennett and his seven Sonics co-investors, who officially became owners Oct. 31. Team studies show Bellevue and its surroundings are home to the majority of the Sonics’ ticket holders.

“Other cities in King County have expressed great interest in becoming the new home of the Sonics,” Bennett said in his latest statement.

Bennett said last week that he intends to have more solid plans for a site and what the new arena would look like in the next 30-45 days. He wants to present a proposal to the Legislature when it meets in early January.

Moving on ...

Frank's new wrinkle. I like it when he puts in little details like this. You just don't get stuff like this in the P-I or Times' coverage.

The Sonics had been dominated by opponents’ high pick-and-rolls so thoroughly this season that Hill changed the defensive philosophy on the play at the morning shootaround.

He installed a zone defense so the three players behind the two involved in the play float behind them to help. Hill said he realizes it leaves one player open but he would rather see that than a player such as Miami’s Dwyane Wade or Portland’s Brandon Roy getting to the basket for layups, fouls or both.

The move worked well, the Sonics holding the Magic (3-2) to the fewest points they have given up this season. It was the second straight game in which Seattle’s opponent had scored fewer than 100.

And of course, the classic quote:

“If I was 5-0, it would be great. But the ball sucks.”
-- Ray Allen

Any time you think things here couldn't get any worse, consider this -- at least Isiah isn't running the show. How much money has the Knicks organization wasted on his assclownery? Before yesterday he only trailed Donald Rumsfeld in job security despite mountains of evidence of massive incompetence. Congrats on elevating yourself to #1 Zeke!