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Sonics VS. Pistons Game Thread

Game Time 3:00 PM, which is just bizarre.

You gotta read Locke today. Hilarious.

The light part of practice happened at the beginning and end of the day. The practice started with the usual shooting drills. However, today the club broke into two teams. This is where the fun kicked in. Bob named Johan and Sene as captains and made them draft their teams for the shooting contests. How would you pick? I promise it is nothing like what Petro and Sene did. The first pick of the draft was by Sene and he took Andreas. Then Petro took Wilcox before Sene got this in order and took Rashard.

Some other important notes:

First, Hill talked about when a player is running the floor on the sideline, they have to make sure their back is to the sideline so when they make the catch their first movement is to the hoop, not a twist back toward the sideline. If you have played baseball, the comparison would be a left-hander making the turn at second base.

Second, he reminded the team that any pass made in the interior needs to either be a bounce pass or a lob. Too often this team is trying to throw the pass straight across the key to their teammates and it is getting deflected for turnovers.

Third, Hill went back to something that was preached in training camp - that when defending in transition you have to make sure to get back into the scoring zone and then stop the ball. When you try to stop the ball too high it opens up the floor and will lead to dunks and layups.

I agree with all of those, especially #2 which has been a source for TOs for some time. For those that think Hill is the problem he is clearly recognizing what the problem spots are on defense, can this roster adjust and execute?

As always Kevin Pelton brings the insight like Public Enemy brings the noise ...