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Player of the Week (12/10-12/16)

We are already two games into the next week, and it is hard to see anything remotely like hope in the briar patch of doom the Sonics have become entangled with. Last week offered one home game win and then three nasty losses in a row. The Sonics had no Ray Allen for all four games, with Earl Watson out for two (essentially, he barely played in Milwaukee). It offered the two worst games of the season for Luke Ridnour (Chicago and Cleveland), Rashard Lewis' worst game of the season (Cleveland), Chirs Wilcox's worst game of the season (Chicago), and inconsistency from everyone else.

Johan Petro offered up his two best games of the season against Chicago and Milwaukee, but bookmarked those games with subpar games against Golden State and Cleveland. Watson played well against Golden State but was mediocre in his first game back from injury against Cleveland. Wilcox was good in Milwaukee, average against Golden State and Cleveland, but was terrible in Chicago. Ridnour was great against Golden State, average in Milwaukee and terrible against Chicago and Cleveland. Collison was great in Cleveland, average in Golden State and Milwaukee and atrocious in Chicago.

Rashard Lewis was great until they got to Cleveland and then Lebron James left him looking like a D-League 12th man. Despite that terrible end to the week, though, Lewis was so good early in the week that he tops our score for Player of the Week.

Lewis Stats for December 10th-16th

#1 in combined value stats: 88 (Wilcox and Petro tied for second with 60)
#1 in Help Value: 43 (Petro took second with 31)
#1 in total points: 79 which was 21% of the teams scoring (Wilkins was second with 61)
#1 in total rebounds: 28 for 16% of the teams rebounds (Wilcox was second with 25)

#2 in eFG%: 33.06% (Glyniadakis was first with 33.33%)
#2 in total steals: 5 (Wilkins was first with 6)
# 3 in total blocks: 2 (Collison: 6, Gelabale: 4)
# 3 in total assists: 14 (Ridnour: 20, Watson: 16)

Lewis continues to be the team's most consistent player despite his poor showing against Cleveland. He is still not likely to make the All-Star game simply because of the position he plays, but is the first player to earn player of the week status twice so far this season. The Sonics will continue to need performances like this from Lewis if they have any hopes of digging themselves out of the hole which they have dug for themselves in the standings this year.