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Daily Roundup 12.19.06

The P-I headline says it all.

Many people think this could be the start of a downward spiral.

Still way too many damn TOs and careless passes. Would Penny help?

I think as long as fans are gonna clamor for guys who have huge forks sticking out of their backs then let it be GP.

As Frank correctly blogs, this would be for the purpose of taking Desmond Farmer's spot, who isn't playing anyways.

So this is the road trip I expected the Sonics to have early in the year. Silver linings? They don't have another road trip like this one for the rest of the season.

Gelabale is also developing quite nicely. Regardless of what happens this season I think the guy is worth keeping. He has a tangible impact on the game defensively and is a smart player. Excellent second round pick.

It's just damn disappointing as a fan to lose close ones like this, and this team has lost close a lot this year. As Locke writes:

Those are the things that jump out when you are losing games by possessions here or there. I find myself retracing the entire game, wondering where that one possession was. Was it in the first five possessions of the second half when Rashard Lewis didn’t take a shot? Was it the different times the Sonics allowed a ball handler to dribble coast to coast and never stopped the ball? Was it any of the 26 offensive rebounds the Sonics allowed?

It will drive you nuts. I can only imagine what it is like for the coaches and players.

There's a golf term called dormie that some of you may be familiar with.

"Dormie" (also spelled "dormy") is a term used in match-play golf, denoting that the score is such that one player is the same number of points ahead as there are holes still to play; thus that should one hole be halved, that player will have won the match.

The player ahead is said to be "dormie" or "dormie-number" where number is the number of holes involved.

The Sonics are dormie 6 right now. At 10-16 they have 6 games left in the month of December and would have to go 6-0 to finish the month at .500 . The next 6 games are: Dallas, Toronto, New Orleans, then @ Denver, @ Minnesota and home vs the Celtics on New Year's Eve. Ray could return vs. the Raptors on Saturday.