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SOS Event 12/08/06

On Friday, December 8th Mr. Clayton Bennett and other members of the Professional Basketball Club will be in Seattle to watch the Seattle Supersonics host the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets. Obviously this game will have some significant symbolic meaning to Seattle fans.

As part of our commitment to supporting the Sonics and their future in this region Save Our Sonics and Storm will be in attendance at this game, taking advantage of the team's Holiday Assist program to secure tickets for our membership, provide a visible presence and sending a message to our leaders that we value these teams. The Sonics and Storm are a valuable part of our community and their team foundation is extremely active in helping those in need during the holiday season. SOS&S will be making a significant contribution to the Holiday Assist program which benefits the Salvation Army and other local charities, taking that opportunity to show our support for the team while helping out with a great cause.

Please take this opportunity to show your support for the team and it's future. By having a strong visible presence we will demonstrate to ownership, our political leaders, and the community at large that the 40 year history of the professional basketball means a great deal to individuals and families throughout our region.

Participants will receive a complimentary T-Shirt, Tickets, and Sign for the game. Please find some way to help out. We need people in attendance at the game, participating in the organization and preparation, and also in making donations to this great cause. Every $20 helps to add toys and house wares which will be donated straight to the participating charities and we encourage individuals and businesses to take part.

As sports fans lets make a real show of giving back to the community while we ask for their support.


For more information about the team’s holiday assist program visit

Brian Robinson