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Daily Roundup 12.20.06

It's 70s night vs. the Mavs tonight. Bob Blackburn will introduce the starting lineups, among other events.

Iverson's a Nugget as we all know ... some good discussion going on in yesterday's Roundup thread so I think I'll just keep it there for now.

Pete's reached the point of no return I think. Buck up lil' camper ... apart from tonight's game the rest of December is easy pickins. I mean, it's not as if the Sonics just traded for Jose Vidro to have him DH or anything ...

Cue Cher's Do You Believe?

"Win, that will solve everything," Lewis said. "We've got to get a 'W.' That's the best medicine for us, and everybody will feel more comfortable around here. We've got to do something to turn this around."

Nate Robinson = The 21st Century Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson?

Speaking of sawed off runty guards, check out Avery Johnson in the Times today:

"Defense and rebounds," said Johnson of his secrets to winning. "We tried to come up with some rocket-science formula on what makes us win and lose, but it gets back to the basics. Are we willing to play defense for long periods? Are we willing to run consistently and make good decisions? And we're still cleaning up some things."

Having Dirk helps ...

Misty golden colored memories ... of the way we were ...

They also are searching for a veteran post player who can take pressure off perimeter defenders while allowing second-year center Johan Petro to remain in a reserve role.

One player who is available is Chicago’s P.J. Brown, who has gotten lost in the Bulls’ young rotation and has said he would like to be traded.

Brown makes $8 million and is in the final year of his contract, a perfect fit for a Sonics team hoping to reinsert Robert Swift into the starting role next season, after his surgically repaired knee is healed.

The Sonics could offer the $6.6 million contract of Danny Fortson, as well as that of another player such as Farmer or center Andreas Glyniadakis, to make a deal work.

Nick does a lot of things well but he is simply too undersized against some centers out there. He just can't guard 6-10 or 7 foot guys for as many minutes as he's being asked to. I'm not sure PJ Brown helps in that department but the guy is tough.

I agree with this -- pool the talent into fewer players.