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Daily Roundup 12.22.06

Rashard Lewis will miss games, how many is still in question. Edit: See above. :(

If Ray Allen is able to play, Damien Wilkins, who had been starting at shooting guard in place of Allen, will start at small forward for Lewis.

If both Lewis and Allen are unavailable, Hill will likely start Wilkins and rookie Mickael Gelabale, who played a season-high 41 minutes against the Mavericks and who has been increasingly productive.

No new arena news

Adding intrigue to the mix is the city of Seattle's insistence that they be reimbursed for the money left over from the bond floated in 1994 -- which I understand is good politics and goot[sic] negotiating but also think is a crock given the city's lack of interest in keeping or working with the Sonics in any capacity. To me, they basically are saying, We dont want you, but we want you to pay for our poor decision-making.

Your elected officials, Seattle. Here's the people that support clowns like Licata.

How to act like a tough NBA player

If you're 6-2 or taller, you should never scream after a dunk, even if it's on Shaquille O'Neal. However, there should be screaming exceptions for little fellas who jump over big guys. Example: Did you see Chris Paul cram on Dwight Howard, who's a foot taller? Paul can howl like a coyote after that one.

Ray says he'll play tomorrow
, but we won't know for sure until after today's practice.

"I hope to play. At this moment, I'm definitely planning on it," said Allen, who performed a shooting drill without a noticeable limp. "I could sit out for numerous amounts of days more or weeks and think that maybe I might not have soreness or pain or whatever it is, but I'll never know until I play and understand what I'll be able to deal with. So it's not going to do me any good sitting on the sidelines."

Danny Fortson unfortunately opens his big fat mouth and falls right in.

"Trust me, I want to play more than anybody," he said. "Chances are with this administration, I wouldn't have played more than five or 10 minutes anyway.

"So for me, I'm not really too excited, to be honest with you. Because it's like, why rush back to play five minutes?"

Yeah, it's so shitty being you, isn't it. Getting paid millions of dollars to turn your nose up at a role that thousands of guys would love to have. What's Noel Felix doing right now?

Sorry but that is just a stupid, stupid comment.

If I hear anything about Lewis this morning I'll post it, unless someone else posts it first. :)

If I don't talk to you again until next week, Happy Holidays from me and the rest of the authors at and thanks for your readership. I know I can be a cantankerous fact-challenged butthead from time to time but I appreciate all of the conversation and the arguments. Thanks for helping make this site a great place to talk Sonics basketball!