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Daily Roundup 12.28.06

I'm going to warn you right away that I haven't had my coffee yet and looking at the Times headline as I got off the bus this morning already got me pissed off.

In Kent, city officials are moving rapidly on a plan to build a 6,500-seat arena to lure the Seattle Thunderbirds hockey team from KeyArena.

Like the Sonics, the Thunderbirds want out of KeyArena, complaining it is inadequate. The team's lease expires in 2008, and Kent leaders hope their new arena can be completed by then. The arena would be constructed across from the Kent Commons, on what are now large school playfields.

City officials say they need at least $10 million in state aid for the $50 million project. Gregoire included $3 million in her recent budget proposal. If Kent can get enough state aid, the city plans to sell bonds to pay for construction, to be paid back primarily from rent and concession agreements.

"I'm feeling very confident we've got a winner here," said Ben Wolters, Kent's economic development director.

The arena's anchor tenant would be the Thunderbirds, the junior-league hockey team with 40 home games a year. But it also could host ice shows, concerts and monster-truck rallies, Wolters said.

And I say good for Kent. And Renton too. Seattle's loss is Renton and Kent's gain. With Kent taking all the ice shows and monster truck rallies and Renton or Bellevue taking all the concert and NBA business I propose once again that we rename the defunct KeyArena the Nick Licata & Chris Van Dyk Public Restroom For More Important Things.

Don't count out Bellevue yet.

Aaaah, f*** it. I'm simply not in the mood to talk about arena stuff this morning or the wack politicos around here any more. Seattle City Council You are now damned!

Ray Allen won't be in Denver tonight ... will the Sonics? I heard Denver was supposed to get another foot and a half of snow last night and the good ol' RMN confirms that Denver could get between 8-18 inches of snow later today. I figure if they're lucky they might just claw out of it in time to kick some 49er ass on Sunday. We'll see.

Congratulations to Ray and Shannon on the birth of their son!

And it'll be nice to watch a game on TNT, won't it? I miss their coverage. I haven't seen Barkley outside of that commercial he does with Dwane Wade, which is admittedly hilarious.

So, no Ray, no Danny.

Maybe I should hope for a snowout.

You forgot Mike Hargrove.

Well, I've got to go get some caffeine now. Everybody have a good day !

I hope your LASIK goes well today Mr. Baker. (Funny, this is my mental image of you post-op)You have my best wishes even though you can't read this. Let's win one for the Baker tonight.