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Free Tickets For New Year's Eve Game

Okay friends and neighbors, through the kindness and generosity of Sonics account executive Jason Rubenstein I have acquired 6 pairs of tickets to the New Year's Eve matchup against the Boston Celtics. THANK YOU Jason!

I'm going to give them away via trivia contest. The first six people who can answer the following questions correctly win tickets (or if I can't get six winners I'll figure out who got the most correct) Good luck ! This contest will end tomorrow so get those answers up quickly and make sure that your message board account is set up to receive messages ... Winners will be notified via private message of how to pick up their tix at the box office.

Here's the questions:

1. Name 2 Sonics that went to college at the University of Nebraska.

2. This back to the future-ish Sonic player's middle name is McBride. Name him.

3. This former Sonic had a very short career with the team … 4 games … exceeded only in brevity by his 3 game stint with the ABA’s legendary Memphis Tams. Who is he?

4. This player is the only Sonic whose last name starts with Z. Name him.

5. This Sonic's nickname was "Butterbean"

6. This Sonics draft pick is better known as a long-time 80s Denver Nugget and for his adult film star ‘stache. Name him.

That's it!

Please contact Jason if you are interested in buying tickets. Currently there's two 4-game packs available to purchase that look really cool:


Wed., Jan. 10 Miami

Tue., Jan. 23 Denver

Wed., Feb. 14 Phoenix

Tue., Mar. 13 Detroit


Tue., Jan. 16 Cleveland

Sat., Feb. 10 Sacramento

Fri., Mar. 23 Minnesota

Fri., Apr. 6 Lakers

Call Jason if interested!