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Daily Roundup 12.04.06

It's a relatively light week on the schedule, with only two games coming up this week. The Friday one vs. the Hornets will likely be the biggie. SaveOurSonics&Storm will be holding an event at the Friday game giving away T-shirts and tickets in exchange for about 15 minutes of your time...and we'd love it if you could join us. If you want to be a part of the event please contact the volunteer coordinator at info at

Most of the daily focus is on the Sonics charitable event over the weekend at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, but there's always room on the plate for the shall we say interesting peculiarities of NBA officiating at Utah Jazz home games.

"I thought it was a terrible call at the end of the game," Rashard Lewis said. "That ball went straight out of bounds. That's how it is when you go into Utah. You don't get that lucky break. I feel like the officials had a lot to do with the end of the game."

Violet Palmer was officiating that game, Rashard ... what did you expect? :D

And when are the NBA refs going to ditch the polyester fat pants look for that crazy beer league getup the NFL refs wore in last night's Hawks game?

Same story also hints that Sene may not be sent to the D-league, or if he is it'll only be for a short time. Personally I think they should try to keep him in the rotation, if even for a short time. His size and presence as a shotblocking threat has worked well in the small amount of time we've seen him.

Nice writeup on the charity event by Jayda Evans.

Instead, Sonics players and coaches gathered, some with their wives, fiancées or girlfriends, to host a holiday dinner for 40 low-income families Sunday at Mount Zion Baptist Church in the Central District. Atlantic Street Center, a non-profit organization, benefited from the Sonics' donation, selecting from a pool of about 3,300 families.

Normally, such an event is a forced affair for professional athletes. They arrive in flashy cars, spend a few minutes signing autographs and take off.

Sunday was different.

Players like Danny Fortson, Nick Collison, Luke Ridnour, Desmond Farmer, Chris Wilcox and Mike Wilks contributed the $25,000 budget for a catered brunch and gifts for 200 people. Earl Watson spent $4,000 on $100 gift cards from Safeway, and Ray Allen, who is expecting his third child, bought enough diapers, formula and baby wipes to fill a back room at the church. Damien Wilkins, who also contributed, was the emcee.

Big time ups to the Sonics organization for holding that event and making Nick Licata eat his words yet again.

the TNT's beat writer also focuses on the phantom call on AKs last possession. I wasn't able to actually watch that game as I imagine most of you weren't, so I can't comment one way or the other.

“I just watched Kirilenko’s pass four times” on tape, Hill said. “Nobody touched that ball, and that was pretty much the game. ... If we get possession of the ball right there, the game is over.”

Hill paused and added, “But I thought the officiating was really good.”

Interesting to see if any fines will be levied...stay tuned ... runs a quick blurb on Nate McMillan.

"I'm looking at coach [Larry] Brown last year, and me and him are right down here with similar records. He's a hell of a coach, a great coach, how did that happen? And look at the players he had. So I fed off that -- he has that team, and he's a Hall of Fame coach, but we had the two worst records in the league. For me it meant keep working, keep working, keep working.''