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Daily Roundup 12.05.06

Hail the coming of Jelly Belly.

"I'm still anxious to see what he can do as a point forward," says Hill, "because I think he can handle the ball as a small forward and you can run some other guys off baseline screens."

"He has a great knack for getting the ball on the run, driving under control and making the next pass - not even the assist pass, but the next pass to lead into the assist, which is really great," adds Chiesa. "So he's moving the ball. He's shown poise under fire by, when the ball comes to him, not turning it over. The last thing he's shown is the ability, when the ball comes to him, to not turn it over."

Gary Washburn also chooses to profile the Gallic answer to Lil' Jon

"[Hill said] He did a good job against Indiana and Utah, so I am excited about him. When we go small, depending upon the residue of the bench and where we are at the end of the game, obviously I don't mind having him on the floor."

Gelabale received significant international exposure when he played two seasons for Real Madrid in Spain, which helped season his professional game and encouraged the Sonics to sign him to a two-year contract. According to player personnel director David Pendergraft, teams were offering first-round picks for Gelabale on draft night in June.

Wow ...

usually fluffy as a marshmallow and about as lightweight and easy to digest, it's the Go 2 Guy profiling Earl Watson. Nice work on this one.

In Denver last year, before his trade to the Sonics, he chose five single-parent families, asked them what they wanted for Christmas and turned into Santa Earl. He plans to do the same thing here this month.

There was a 10-year-old girl named McKaila who had cancer. Watson became friends with her and her family. He got them season tickets to Nuggets games and stayed in touch with her last summer. She died during training camp this fall.

Honestly, I don't understand this article. Ray calls out the point guards, but not really?

"Offensively, the ball never came to my side," he said. "I tell Luke [Ridnour] and Earl [Watson] that they got to get me involved in the game in the first three quarters instead of waiting and trying to figure out what's going to happen, because I do some good things out there on the floor.

"Teams sit a man in my pocket, so my point guard has to do a better job of getting me in the flow of the game, because it's only going to result in good shots for them."

I'm not buying any of this. Ray leads the team in FGA by a wide margin (almost 60 more FGA than Lewis and 31 more 3PA in only 13 more minutes) but Ray's eFG% is 49.6% compared to 56.2% for Rashard and 52.5% for Ridnour. But he doesn't think he's getting enough shots?

I dispute that and dispute Ray's decision making process over the last few games. I have seen him shoot this team out of more games than he has shot them into. I have seen him pass up teammates running down the middle of the floor wide open. I don't know what games he's been watching but his actions so far this season absolutely don't jibe with this quote (Intentionally bolded):

"My mentality, especially early in the game, is to get everybody involved and to be a playmaker. To get Rashard in the game, to get Weezy [Wilcox] in the game, but they got to have the same exact mentality. If I'm getting them easy shots, they have to reciprocate that and, quite honestly, that's probably tougher because defenses are shifted towards me."

Ray Allen's Assists per game per 48 minutes for the last 5 seasons:

2002 6.8
2003 6.0
2004 4.5
2005 4.5
2006 3.8

So, Rashard is supposed to get Ray easy shots when he's always on the opposite side of the floor and is shooting much more efficiently than Ray. Uh huh.

I'm confused. I don't know if the intent of the article was to get people talking about other players, or if Ray is secretly pointing the finger at someone or just what but Ray came off like a serious whiner there.