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Daily Roundup: 12:07:06

Due to some technical difficulties I'll shoot up a condensed version of the Round Up. While I'm certianly not going to be able to compete with Steve's normal display's of comedy I'll try not to suck as much as this guy.

Ray's foot is only a bone bruise according to the Times. While I'm not in the camp that would ever 'dump Ray' because Damien plays better as a starter, I am a guy who would have no problem dealing him if the right package came back. What that package is, I have no idea nor do I feel like spending the next 8 hours on Trade Checker trying to figure out some combo that works.

Now back to Bavasi for a second. Am I really supposed to believe that all they could get for Soriano is a guy that I can throw harder than left-handed? I know the Sonics Front Office takes a lot of heat from fans over the years but are they even on the same planet in terms of incompetence to this current Mariners group? For every complaint made for draft picks spent on seven footers, the M's punt prospects and huge contracts for crappy LHP's on a much greater scale. At least they didn't extend Willie Bloomquist, oh wait....

And because after thinking about those two topics there's some need for relief, look no further than ESPN Page Two staple Bill Simmons with this take on the tantalizer. I've got my own thoughts on who fits the bill for each of these catagories in Seattle sports lore, but will hold off till everyone gets a chance to read the article. Simmons is one of my favorite reads each week, if you don't read him you should.