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Will Seattle Lose the Sonics?

After the game there will be an interview on FSN with Wally Walker and Howard Shultz about the future of the Sonics in Seattle. There are rumblings that the team could be moved if the arena issue is not resolved. We will provide a recap of what was said in the interview once it has aired.

Sports Illustrated has published an article on this subject, a subscription to the magazine is required to read it.

Here is a quick summary of points made in the interview:

  • Sonics' ownership has lost 58 million since taking over the team.
  • Wally seemed to believe that Bellevue might be a viable option, but the Sonics aren't far down that road. Shultz gave me the impression that it was highly unlikely.
  • Multiple cities have called about acquiring the Sonics. Shultz says the possibility of leaving Seattle is very possible after 2010.
  • By 2010 the Sonics will be gone if the Sonics don't get a new arena.