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Daily Roundup Feb 10, 2006

Ray Allen makes the All-Star team, Rashard Lewis doesn't. Since the All-Star game is largely predicated on a team's record it's not much of a surprise. That may or may not explain why Carmelo Anthony and Gilbert Arenas didn't make it, which in my opinion is criminal. From the Times:

"Rashard's numbers are better [than last year]. If we were 15 games better things might be different," Allen said. "They [the Sonics] work hard enough even though the record doesn't reflect the work. There's two positives we can take from all of this. One is the growth from the young players and for me to make it to the All-Star Game, because I didn't do it by myself."

Bob Hill totally nails this team to a T. I cannot overemphasize how much I like having someone associated with the Sonic org who tells it like it is.

"The thing that's frustrating is that we have really quality people on this team," Hill said. "But they don't play together on either end of the floor like they should. There were times where we really did a good job (defensively). And then there were five or six instances that their reactions to certain situations on the floor didn't make any sense."

If the players were in a summer-league street ball game where nothing but pride was on the line, Hill said, they would make those defensive adjustments.

Click here for the latest update from Olympia.

The TNT provides some unintentional comedy in their treatise on the same subject.

The bill also has benefits for the City of Seattle. The city owns KeyArena and the surrounding Seattle Center and is losing money on it. Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis said the arena is used for a lot of events in addition to the basketball games of the Sonics and the WNBA’s Storm.

“It’s become a Mecca for aging rock stars to come and see us,” he noted.

But a group called Citizens for More Important Things passed out a statement at the hearing saying the Sonics are engaged in economic extortion.

“So the team threatens to leave town if they don’t get it. Will we miss them? Does Vancouver, B.C., miss the NBA Grizzlies?” it read.

Citizens for More Important Things is an Eymanesque anti-everything group who are best described as the designated curmudgeon of Seattle sports. They've opposed nearly every public project that's been attempted in the region for the last 10 years. I have yet to hear them say as a group what the more important things are, but I'm sure they're out there. Somewhere.

Whale meat burger? I can see the Hungry Man frozen whale dinner package already!

Nutritionists have even developed child-friendly whale dishes, including whale meatballs, hamburgers and whale spaghetti bolognese, said Tetsuji Sawada of Wakayama's education board.

'atsa spicy meat-a-ball!

Here's a side of the NBA we don't often get to see. Nice piece on NBA ref Dick Bavetta here. No comments from Bavetta on how he's managed to run in polyester slacks for 31 years without even the slightest bit of chafing. You're my hero, Dick.