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Daily Roundup Feb 13, 2006

Is there any doubt that Seattle coulda shoulda woulda won that game last night if they didn't have more turnovers than Dunkin Donuts?

In other news, after witnessing yet another double-double performance from our own Bacardi and Cola (15 pts, 13 rebs and 4 blks in 52 minutes!) The Daily Roundup Also has to give a shoutout to Dynamite Damien Wilkins, who continues to make a case for NBA Player of the Week honors with a 21 pt 10 reb outing last night. Way to go Damien!

And I have to throw some props to Johan Petro for yet another dunkalicious game.

Looking ahead, the Sonics face a 6 game road trip where they'll likely have to bid farewell to Mateen Cleaves, who will be sorely missed! So long Mateen ...