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Daily Roundup Feb 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

OK, sorry.

Rick Sund's been burning the midnight oil, working the phones like James Brown working the crowd. Weeelll...maybe not that hard. I can't imagine Sund doing the splits and busting out with a "Hurt Me!" after trying to pawn off Vitaly Potapenko, Flip Murray and Danny Fortson for something actually useful. 9 days 'til the trading deadline ...

Gary Washburn talks to Flip Murray and the picture's bleak. If Bob Hill wasn't already my one of my favorite things about the Seattle Supersonics, I present this gem to you, ladies and gentlemen of the Sonic blogosphere:

Hill admitted his options are limited, and he is not interested in experimenting with Murray or others during this critical stretch.

"We want to try to win the damn games," he said. "I'll give Mateen a run. Flip ... we just need some help there."


Speaking of Hill, it's been a while since I tipped a link to Frank Hughes, whose reporting earlier in the year was totally on fire. Frank writes that Hill's got allies on the team that are right behind him in his plan to develop the young players on the Sonic roster.

I'm totally with this. If even one member of Bacardi and Cola pans out as a bona fide post player the Sonics just improved themselves by leaps and bounds. And seeing as the chuck n' duck, poor man's Dallas Mavs approach favored by management and previous coaching regimes hasn't panned out as well as they hoped it would I for one am ready for something new.

Tonight's matchup features the Milwaukee Bucks. Here's what the Chamber of Commerce has to say about Milwaukee:

Forget about hibernating. Experience winter in Milwaukee – a season that brings down the house with powerhouse performing arts, dynamic exhibitions and non-stop sports action. The spotlight is on world-class performances at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra or Milwaukee Ballet. And don’t miss the chance to win big at Potawatomi Bingo Casino or see exciting, Vegas-style entertainment at the casino’s Northern Lights Theater.

See more than 300 treasures from the Vatican’s collection of art and historical objects at The Milwaukee Public Museum during Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes Feb. 4-May 7, 2006. Now through April 9, 2006 discover the work of one of America’s greatest living artists during the exhibit Elusive Signs: Bruce Nauman Works with Light at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

And sports fans will find plenty to cheer about. Get your game on with Milwaukee’s Bucks, Admirals and Wave.

As a former resident of the Midwest, all I can say is ... you really, really don't want to experience winter anywhere f**king NEAR Milwaukee. Cuddle up with your significant other and enjoy tonight's game. GO SONICS!