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Sonics Trade Radmanovic For Wilcox

It's a deal that's been discussed on and off for almost two years now ... and it may have finally happened. KJR radio in Seattle is reporting that the Sonics have traded Vladimir Radmanovic to the LA Clippers for backup power forward Chris Wilcox, who was chosen 8th overall in the 2002 draft.

If this deal goes down it makes sense for both teams. The Clippers get a scorer that can open the floor even more for Elton Brand and give them some scoring to replace the injured Corey Maggette, and the Sonics get a bona fide true PF and hopeful post presence in Wilcox, who was quite frankly dynamite when he came out of college but hasn't done much since.

There's only one stumbling block -- Radmanovic has the right to refuse this trade. By accepting it, he loses his Bird rights which isn't financially beneficial to him next year and goes against what his agents have been saying earlier this year. In addition, it's still not confirmed by the league office, so there's a chance it could be rescinded. We'll know a little bit more by game time tonight. Stay tuned.

Update: Elgin Baylor has confirmed the trade.