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Daily Roundup Feb 15 '06

Forget the dailies, all you need to know about the Radmanovic-Wilcox swap can be found in Kevin Pelton's excellent article.

I do have to say I absolutely love the headline of this John McGrath article in the TNT (and are those initials pronounced "the taint"? If not, should they be?) . Anyhoo, in my opinion that's a great epitaph for Vladi's career in Seattle.

Frank Hughes provides some comical quotes from Vladi's agent David Bauman. I'll give Bauman this much: he was totally correct. Vladi didn't sign a contract for anywhere near the mid-level exception last year. :D

David Locke's op-ed postmortem in the P-I is worth a look.

With that said, this is a terrific trade.

In the most basic sense the Sonics took an asset that was losing its value and on the verge of having no value at all on the open market and traded it for a desirable asset.

As a free agent at the end of the year without a huge market value, the Sonics were going to find it almost impossible to sign and trade Radmanovic for any value.

As Brian wrote today a lot of people are going to reference the Jermaine O'Neal-Dale Davis swap of many years ago when discussing this trade. I don't think Wilcox has O'Neal's skill set or is quite as talented but let's hope it becomes a steal of that magnitude.

Rashard Lewis indicates he & Ray Allen weren't notified of the trade going down and he's mildly displeased about it.

Sonics forward Rashard Lewis heard about the deal in the team hotel from a teammate and said he was displeased that management did not approach him or Ray Allen about the trade.

"I don't know what the front office is doing, they don't communicate with us as much as they probably should," he said. "I think (they should inform us), because we're the captains of the team, out of respect.

"With the type of money that they're paying us, even if we don't have the last decision, they could at least let us know or put that bug in your ear. But I guess it's our job to worry about what's on the court and their job to bring players in here who can help us."

Shard, you seriously didn't know Vladi was trade bait? Dude, the only way it could have been more obvious was if they'd pasted a Trade Me sign on his jersey during games.

Indulge me for a moment here. As my fellow SC authors can tell you I vehemently hated the Radmanovic pick from Day 1. I thought he was a completely redundant 1 dimensional chucker that was a terrible fit for the team we had back in 2001. I would have vastly preferred Michael Bradley or Troy Murphy at the time, but then again I thought Jeryl Sasser was an interesting pick. So ... all I can say is thank God the Vladimir Radmanovic experiment is finally, FINALLY over. Whew.

So I'd say overall the April fresh feeling this trade brought surely wipes out some of the horrific vomit-inducing memories of watching last night's pasting by the Milwaukee Bucks. Like Dr. Suess' Grinch, the three words that best describe last night's Sonic effort are as follows, and I quote: STINK, STANK, STUNK!

But let's end on a positive note before tonight's game vs. the Minnesota T-Wolves and the debut of Chris Wilcox. What's up, Bob Blackburn?